Cable Ribbon

Conventional electrical cable or wire is sometimes too stiff to bend or twist in the textile processing, and too weak to withstand the torture in the complicated application situations such as stretching, folding, washing etc..  Wirekinetics heard the enthusiastic demands from RD and production engineers in smart textile industry.  We integrate our high performance conductive yarn and advance textile processing technologies to develop many types of  the conductive ribbon cables to meet customers’ applications.


Item: WECR020/2G30, Woven, Width: 20 mm, Thickness: 0.65 mm, Cable: UL approved 30G AWG

Item: WSSR018/530, Woven, Width: 18 mm, Thickness: 0.7 mm, Cable: PFA insulated Stainless Steel Filament*5, 25~30 ohm/meter

Item: WECR022/2G30E, Elastic Woven, Width: 22 mm, Thickness: 1.45 mm, Cable: UL approved 30G AWG

Item: WMCR004/226, Woven, Width: 4 mm, Thickness: 0.5 mm, Cable: MMC, no insulation, 2.6 ohm/meters

Item: WSPR018/2080E, Elastic Woven, Width: 18 mm, Thickness: 0.8 mm, Cable: 20%Stainless Steel fiber/80% polyester mixed spun yarn*10, 150~300 ohm/10 cm