Glass Mould Textiles

Glass Mould Textiles are widely used in production of glass having complex curvatures such as windshield, bottle, etc..  The thermal resistant textiles is appled as a buffer layer between hot soft glass and tools to prevent the optical defeat and scratches.

Thermal resistant textiles is made of stainless steel fiber which provides excellent machincal properties, especially impact durability and flexibilty, and air permeability in about 700℃ circumstance

Wirekinetics team has many years experience in metal fiber production and textile technologies.  We have confidence to provide worldwide customers the product with best Cost/Performance rate and service.

Products and Applications:

  1. Knitting Fabric/Net tape: bending glass, automobile windshield
  2. Tape/Ribbon: quench ring, glass bottle tool, transporting guide
  3. Thread/Rope: tools protection for glass bottle
  4. Sleeve: transporting roller