Conductive Plastic

Micro Scale Stainless Steel Fiber Conductive Additives

1. Product introduction:

Micro Scale Stainless Steel Fiber Conductive Additives (SFCA) is composed of micrometer fine stainless steel fiber and exclusive surface coupling agent.   SFCA is used as the additives into the general floor epoxy or wall paint in order to create excellent anti static function. Due to the remarkable dispersion ability of the SFCA, by using very low percentage, even only 1% wt in some cases,  let the general floor epoxy or wall paint has high quality performance in anti static. The lower percentage added could greatly keep the original properties of the floor epoxy or wall paint.  Certainly, the most important benefit of lower percentage added is that it can greatly reduce cost.  This key feature is mainly contributed from our special surface treatment technology.  In addition, comparing to the liquid anti static epoxy, the SFCA is much easier in application, logistic and storage because the SFCA is dry powder.

2. Parameters:

Composition:  Stainless steel fiber and coupling agent;
Apparent: Dark grey powder
Content of stainless steel fiber:  ≥ 98%;
Density (g / cm3): 0.55;
Percentage added for different anti-static grades(106-109): 1.5 ~1.2%

3. SFAC Application:

i. Add proper amount of SFCA into the floor epoxy or wall paint, and well stir to achieve even dispersion. 
ii. Suggestion for the floor epoxy application: stirring speed 1000 rpm, stirring time ≤ 10 minutes

4. Packaging and Storage:

Container: Plastic bottle, 375g/bottle, customized packaging as required.
Keeping  the SFCA in dry room and at room temperature


In order to achieve the optimized conductive performance, please stirring well till no tiny dark particle observed