Micro Metal Conductive Yarn

Smart textiles is a very advanced topic in the world.

There are lots of issues to block many engineers’ and designers’ creations.

The key issue is we don’t have suitable conductive yarn to integrate textile engineering and electronic engineering. Wirekinetics has spent many years’ R&D to develop a conductive yarn specially for smart textiles.

We named the conductive yarn as Micro Metal Conductive (MMC) yarn.

The MMC yarn has a micro metal/polymer yarn composite structure.

Cross section view of the MMC yarn
Cross section view of the MMC yarn. The unique and patented structure can provide:
  1. electronic grade resistance: 4.0~0.9 ohm per meter which could replace the conventional wire or cable
  2. the world only conductive yarn which can be directly soldered with PCB, wire and electronic devices
  3. excellent toughness and flexibility which provide better handling in textile processes such as weaving, sewing, knitting etc..

The MMC yarn is really able to bridages the gap between textile engineering and electronic engineering, and ehthuses your imagination and creativity.

We provide customers different range of MMC yarn for your smart textile application.

The FEP insulation is specially for consideration in textile engineering processes such as weaving, knitting, or sewing etc..  Because the FEP insulation can greatly reduce the friction between the machine and the MMC yarn. Certainly, the FEP insulation is also designed for water proof to prevent the short circuit.  TPE is more softer and with better hand feel.